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Red Hoptober


Another great Fall Seasonal is the Red Hoptober Ale from New Belgium Brewing Company. This Red Ale pours to a dark red-copper body with a medium off white fluffy head. A combination of sharp hops and sweet malts greet you at the front of this drink and the taste follows with a roasty warm feel on the end. The Red Hoptober brings a nice balance of the traditional taste from a Red Ale and combos that with the hop taste of Pale Ale. On the hop-side it's a bit mild, which is nice and doesn't over power the Red Ale's flavor. It has a medium feel with a clingy lacing. This is one beer I'd like to see New Belgium keep in their rotation a little bit longer. Plain and simple it tastes amazing and has a great feel. I'm also really digging the label art on this one. New Belgium, once again you nailed it!



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