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RIBZ Front Pack


Design: Durability and light strength. Designed for living, built to last

Materials: Cordura Brandwater resistant ripstop

Weight: 11 oz

MSRP: $64.95

I have seen this product before on the trail with friends traveling around the Rockies and have always thought, man, that would be great to have all my quick access items right up front instead of in the top part of my bag. Every one of us has been there before.  You need a snack or map out of your backpack and to retrieve it, you need to stop and then take your bag off and look for that wanted item. The RIBZ front pack takes all of that pain and throws it out the window. All of the important items that you use most frequently now are at your fingertips. The RIBZ pack allows you to strategically place all of your items in easy to use pockets and pouches for quick access.  It alleviates that crazy yoga move to find that desired Cliff bar or GPS.  At work I wear equipment that keeps all of my tools inside my working space, and the RIBZ delivers that comfort to my outside lifestyle like no other pack that I have tried in the past.

The RIBZ Front Pack uses an X-style harness system that allows for the weight of the pack to be distributed comfortably as a standalone or used in addition to any traditional backpack. Similar to a traditional backpack, you can fill it with lots of stuff causing it to become very heavy very quickly. That’s where the adjustment straps come in. The straps are in easy to use locations in order to adjust the pack on the move and counter the weight load. The pack is divided into two large pockets and two smaller pockets on each side. Inside both larger pockets there are several mesh inner pockets for organized storage for your smaller items.

To test the RIBZ Front Pack I filled it with my usual assortment of gear and headed out to the mountains for a good day of skinning with my best lab. I hit the trail on the back side of Pikes Peak on a good day of snow.  I had my traditional pack loaded with food and warm clothes and the RIBZ’s pack with assorted snacks, trail map, compass, GPS, multi-tool, gloves, extra hat, on-the-go dog bowl, and a first aid kit. I was very surprised at how it felt. After awhile, you actually forget you are wearing it, and it didn’t seem that I was carrying anything on my front mid-section.  Even with my traditional backpack on, the harness system is set up so I did not have any issues with it bunching up, getting tangled, or rubbing my shoulders raw. While skinning I thought that I might lose my rhythm when I hit the pack with my ski poles. This was never an issue.  The pack fit snug to my chest, and the adjustment straps kept my load tight. 

In conclusion, I really can’t categorize this pack into a hiking only series pack. The versatility for preparedness-minded folks makes this pack a great addition to anyone’s outdoor gear.  I have used the pack from hiking to fly fishing to Fat Bike riding in the winter months here in Colorado, and it did not disappoint. I really have not been this excited about a product that I have tested in a long time. The versatility and practicality of the pack just amazes me. I would highly recommend anyone give a serious look at this product from RIBZ Sportswear as it will stand up to whatever you put it through. Trust me, you will want this pack. 



Disclosure of Material Connection: I received RIBZ Front Pack for free from RIBZ Wear Inc. as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.

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