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Robust Porter

SIZE: 12 .oz
ABV: 6.20%

Another cold week here in Colorado, but what do you expect, it is winter! If you’re looking for a thick and hardy beer to settle down with next to a warm fire you have to check out the Robust Porter from Smuttynose Brewing Company. On the pour the Robust Porter comes to a dark mahogany color with a light brown and frothy head. At the nose strong aromatic scents of coffee and roasted malts pull you in. The taste is full with that coffee scent along with full cocoa flavor goodness! This is a very enjoyable porter that seems to be a favorite for fan of the stronger porters. The ABV on this one rings in at 6.20% making me somewhat happy that it’s more enjoyable to drink this one a little slower and savor the taste. The good news on this one, it’s available year round! The bad news, it’s not available everywhere, and a little harder to find the further west you go. If you’re looking for a strong and flavorful brew, the Robust Porter might just hit the spot.



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