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Rumpl Jam Puffy- Synthetic Down Blanket

DESCRIPTION: Light and durable, synthetic down blanket.
MATERIAL: 20D Ripstop Nylon with DWR
MSRP: $99

Cuddling up in a nice, soft, warm bed after a long day of adventuring is one of my most favorite things to do! When I’m doing that while camping, now that’s a dream come true! With the Rumple Jam Puffy blanket, I can cuddle up and stay warm anywhere!

Photo Mar 25, 10 56 06 AM

The Rumpl story originated in the outdoors with a roaring fire and a bottle of whiskey.

Which is why we must have been drawn to this product! The Rumple was born from the idea of using the same premium materials developed for outdoor gear and applying it to a generally traditional product: an everyday blanket. All Rumpls are made with  20D Ripstop Nylon with DWR which is water, stain, and odor resistant. They are light and durable, and the synthetic fill blankets can be washed in the washing machine! Great for indoors or out, the blankets are very warm in any environment (as you’ll see from my review below) and are designed to repel debris that you might drag home with you from camping.

As well as being light and durable, the Rumpl is packable. Our review item, a Queen size “Puffy”,  packs down to about the size of a sleeping bag in a stuff sack that is about a 13×20 size. It’s fairly easy to stuff it in there, but if you still can’t get it, Rumpl provides quite the entertaining instructions!

I received the Puffy in late February and immediately put it to good use during the remaining winter months. The blanket came in handy as a bed comforter, couch cuddler, outside snuggler, and of course… a really great road trip reprieve from a long, cool day of hiking.

Photo May 28, 9 11 37 AM
The Rumple turns an off-grid cabin cot into pure comfort!

Among the half a dozen of times I used the Puffy outdoors this spring, one trip really sticks out in my mind. It was a spring break trip to Moab, UT and Goblin Valley and the weather was less than favorable. In tow, my husband and I had our 9 year old son, dog, and my father-in-law all in our van. While my father-in-law was given the fold down bed in the van, my husband, child, AND dog, cuddled up in the tent. The Rumpl was the saving grace for us all. With sleeping bags below us, we threw the blanket over us and stayed warm all night. It was large enough to stretch over us, with room to spare and I think my dog slept the best on it!

Not only did it keep us warm during chilly and windy nights, but it came in handy in the morning when all I wanted to do was cuddle up in my camp chair and enjoy coffee while watching the sunrise! Stuffed in it’s sack, the Rumpl also serves as a great pillow. It was the perfect size for my son to use while napping during our hours long road trip. When used in our van, it completely covers our fold down bed and is pure joy to take a nap on top of. Added bonus: it’s also great for hanging out in a hammock or camping in one! Photo Mar 25, 10 57 33 AM

Every time I used the Puffy, I found it easy to take out, or stuff back into it’s stuff sack. As advertised, no debris stuck to it, and even our dog’s hair was easy to wipe off with a lightly damped cloth or paper towel.

So why a blanket and not a sleeping bag? For us, it makes sense to use it when vanping (van camping), because we can easily cover three of us and can save space by not packing sleeping bags. Using it as a bed comforter gives us the feeling of camping, when we are stuck at home. Finally, it’s SO warm! At times, I had to kick it off of me because it heats up so much. Sometimes, I like to just have my feet or legs out, sleeping bags are too awkward to try to stick a leg out with the rest of it zipped up. Rumpl not only gives you the comfort and warmth of a sleeping bag, it also provides a certain comfort usually only found at home! For road trips in the van, this is our go-to “sleeping bag” for the whole family. AND the dog!

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