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Ruthless Rye IPA


The Ruthless Rye IPA pairs great flavors and ingredients to bring all the best out of both the IPA and Rye style brews. This is a spicy IPA with bitter flavors and sweet notes commonly found amongst IPAs that’s topped off with the rugged brute feel and taste of a Rye. Barley and Rye are definitely noticeable but for me the citrus notes and caramel additions are what really round out this beer. If you’re one to dig deep into flavors you’ll likely also notice an earthy taste along with pine resin and full bread biscuity like flavors as well. The Ruthless Rye IPA pours to a clear, but deep orange with a thin off white head. The carb and feel on the mouth are also very balanced. No overpowering fizz here, just tons of flavors pouring through with a strong citrus like aroma. There is a heavy bitterness on the end so if you’re not a fan of the bitter bite you might want to think twice on this one.

If you are a fan of a good old hoppy brew, you might really enjoy the mix of the IPA and Rye. The strong finish of the Rye is one that will leave an impression and let you know you are drinking a serious beer that had some consideration put into its making. That brute feel and bitter taste might be perfect for slowing you down jsut enough though to enjoy this drink and really think about the mix of the blends. The Ruthless Rye IPA has a fair amount of ABV backing it too. At 6.6% it’s not going to knock you off your feet but if you drink enough them and don’t give it the respect it deserves it will catch up to you. My overall feel and impression on the beer is pretty solid. I don’t usually have a lot of love for Ryes but I really did enjoy the mix with the IPA side of this one. It is a tasty and very well balanced beer. One that I look forward to drinking more of in the future. Well done Sierra Nevada, well done.




12 oz

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