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Saison du Buff

The Saison de Buff is a collaboration beer crafted from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Stone Brewing Company, and Victory Brewing Company. With craft masters pitching in from those three top notch breweries this Saison has high expectations, and it should. The body poured to luminescent gold body with a thin white head. A whiff of lemon zings at you as you tip the glass to drink. The carbonation is mild but the mouth feel gives you that of a more full bodied beer. This is one clean and refreshing beer that goes down great on a warm night like this. The 6.8% ABV is nice way to fight off the heat too. I find beers in the range of 6-7 ABV to be a sneaky thing. They don’t seem to tough nor to light but they quickly add up as you knock them down. The lacing is light and spotty. The follow is a little balmy maybe from floral hops, but the lemon flavor rises through again. Overall this Saison is a refreshing, clean beer. One I’d like to have more of in the fridge.

I like what Victory, Stone, and Dogfish Head are doing here. This is the third or fourth beer I’ve had now from this collaboration. I have yet to be disappointed. I’d like to see these brew masters continue on with more styles.



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