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Santoku Knife Set by GSI Outdoors

DESCRIPTION: Lightweight camp knife set
WEIGHT:25.6 oz
MSRP: 29.95

For years I have struggled to find the right gear for my needs, and this is primarily because I am a closet minimalist but I also like so many different actives it is often hard to find the perfect piece of equipment that can span my interests. Lately I have been focusing on my van camping and road trips and this has led me to try and find the best way to prepare my more deluxe meals but with out adding an entire kitchen’s worth of equipment. By now hopefully you have read my review of the mind blowing GSI Outdoors Pressure Cooker, and now I am on to their Santoku Knife set and their Pinnacle Cook Set (review coming soon). The Santoku set is named after the largest blade (6″ blade length) in the kit which also includes a 4″ paring knife and a 6″ serrated knife, as well as a folding dual sided (meat and veg) cutting board and a wash cloth and dripper bottle. All of this is kept neatly in a zippered nylon bag.

The knives are stainless steel and ridiculously sharp. I mean its ridiculous, they are thin and razor sharp, so sharp you’d think its a late night QVC rotten tomato cutting-this-has-got-to-be-a-scam sharp. The Santoku is well balanced and although due to its very light weight I was initially concerned about its ability to stay true it has remained sharp and has not flexed or given me pause concerning its construction.

The serrated knife is equally as effective but I haven’t used it a whole lot as the Santoku is my jam. The 4″ paring knife is a great addition allowing greater control and due to its shorter blade length it is a bit more rigid, but again the sharpness of the edge removes the need for anything more than the more gentle pressure.

Each blade has its own nylon sheath and they are held in place with elastic bands. On the opposite side of the case you will find the folding cutting board and microfiber cloth and dropper bottle. The cutting board is reversible to keep the meat and veggies separate and is easy enough to clean up using the soap filled dropper and dual sided washcloth featuring one side soft as you would expect and the other is covered in a slightly abrasive surface to help scrub your dishes.

For an amazing $29.95 you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a quality all in one kit that is self contained and well made. I absolutely love this latest GSI outdoors product and whether you camp close to your vehicle or deep in the backcountry I would encourage you to check this set out, the weight is negligible and the features are bomber.

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