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Save Our Shores


For this week's choice beer I'm going with S.O.S. or Save Our Shores, a charitable pilsner from Abita Brewing Company. My only problem with this beer is, I just found out about it. Released in July of 2010 this 7% ABV unfiltered weizen is a part of Abita's "Big Beer" series of stronger brews. Even better this is another charitable beer from Abita. Available in 22-ounce bottles, 100% of all money raised will be donated. Also with that for each S.O.S. sold, the North Coast Brewery will donate $0.75 to restore the Gulf Coast and support the people affected by the BP oil disaster. Hopefully they have similar succes to 2005, when Abita raised $500,000 for the Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts with their Restoration Pale Ale. Abita has also set up a special website,, where you can leave your own S.O.S. message, purchase shirts, hats, and magnets with the Save Our Shore logo. All proceeds from the merchandise benefit the S.O.S. fund. How about that, another great reason to have a beer! Like I really needed an excuse ;) Hopefully we can still get our hands on a few more of these bombers and help the cause. Menikamti, Bunny

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