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Saxx Underwear Quest 2.0 Long Leg AND Saxx Underwear Kinetic Long Leg

DESCRIPTION: Developed by an athlete and avid outdoorsman, SAXX Underwear was founded with a mission to revolutionize the core staple of every wardrobe.
MATERIAL: 85% Nylon / 15% Spandex quick-dry mesh fabric and a new anti-fold waistband
MSRP: $32.95-$39.99




It is nice to have some options when it comes to men’s underwear. Not just the same old same old! For all you Commando guys out there Saxx just might change your mind!

I will be using some of Saxx’s wording in this review due to, well the nature of the fit. I also will NOT be modeling these underwear so don’t go scrolling through this review looking for those pictures!

I am reviewing both of these pairs together even though they are a little different I think the fit and function a pretty much the same, and no, I did not wear both pairs at the same time.


  • 77% Nylon / 14% Spandex / 9% Polyester
  • New ultra-light, smooth-feel fabric, for added breathability and faster drying
  • Bonded rear tag
  • Full-color sublimated, anti-fold, quick-dry waistband
  • Long leg and boxer fit



  • 85% Nylon / 15% Spandex
  • 1 3/4” Moisture wicking athletic waistband
  • Semi- compression
  • Action stretch
  • Quick dry


To start off, I have to say, I was a little skeptical of the mesh panels down the front of the Saxx. We fear the different or new and hesitantly I gave them a go and fortunately the mesh makes sense and it does exactly what Saxx’s says it will do. “This comfort pouch keeps everything in place, preventing unwanted friction and movement to reduce chafe and allow contact-free support.” It actually makes me feel special to know my support has its own support. You don’t have to do any adjustment throughout the day, if you know what I mean, and if you’re a dude, you know what I mean.



I have been wearing Saxx for a few months now and even though I have worn similar products in material and fit I have to say I choose the Saxx over all the others because of the support and comfort. I have worn them climbing, biking, hiking, and everything in-between. They stretch, flex, and move were they should. They are both moisture wicking and antibacterial, which is an added benefit during any active adventure. I will say that fit is key and if you are at the top of the fit guide for your size I would suggest going up a size up for comfort. If you get a size too small you will probably not like these underwear, as they tend to “embrace” your business. I also like the regular length rather than than long leg option however that is just a personal preference and had no impact on performance. Since I have been wearing them for a couple months now I can honestly say that they hold up well and are not showing any real wear or breakdown in materials. These underwear are not a gimmick, even though at first, to be honest, I thought they were! The panels really work as advertised and I suggest you try them and see for yourself, you just might find that different is sometimes good!

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