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SCOTTeVEST SeV Sportsman Vest


DESCRIPTION: 24 pocket Sportsman vest is designed for the outdoorsman and anyone who needs a more rugged vest for their activities.
MATERIAL: 100% ringspun cotton shell fabric is Teflon® treated for water and stain resistance
MSRP: $175.00


The SCOTTeVEST SeV Sportsman Vest is an all in one, go anywhere, stylish, comfortable vest.
Most sportsman type vests are made with a particular activity in mind such as Upland bird hunting or fishing. Designed for convenience and accessibility these vests are designed to allow full movement but still carry plenty of equipment without needing a cumbersome pack.




The SeV vest is made with the intent of reaching a larger demographic than just the fishing and hunting market. I used this vest for some day trips down the stream chasing trout, a trip I would normally carry a small day pack for all my gear. As well as the random walk through the woods and the occasional pub stop. The SeV vest fits well and feels comfortable. At no point did the vest feel bulky or awkward which is a great start being as its made to carry everything you have into the field. There is nothing worse than feeling loaded down during a hike!



There are 24 pockets in this vest and every one is well placed and thought out. One of my biggest pet peeves when buying any equipment with multiple pockets is that most companies never tell you what the pocket was designed for and often I end up losing items in the pockets! I have spent lots of time trying to figure out why a pocket or pouch was put on a bag, coat or vest. Fortunately the good folks at SCOTTeVEST made sure you know what every pocket pouch and feature was designed for and even made a great labeling system stitched into the vest itself. Now I know you are thinking this may be overkill and who cares what goes in what pocket, but the reality is that this vest was designed to help you stay organized.



Featuring 24 separate pockets, eVest makes putting the right thing in the right pocket easy and what’s more is that this also helps you find your kit when with out undue searching. I will say that there are so many pockets in this vest that the only down side is that at first you will forget where you put everything and I mean that in a good way. Usually when you stuff gear into a pocket of a coat or vest you feel it because its bulky or awkward. Just the opposite happened with this vest I felt that everything I loaded into the pockets stayed snug and didn’t bulge out or rattle around as I walked down the trail. You can see by the picture I had quite a bit of stuff packed in this vest and I never once felt it, as a matter of fact I had to take a moment to make sure I had everything I needed because it just didn’t feel like I had just stuffed all this gear into the vest.


Some of my favorite features of this vest are the pocket for your glasses that has a lens cleaner attached inside and on that cleaner towel is a outline “map” of all the pockets in the vest. I also love the cell phone pocket which has a clear touch liner so you can open and use your phone with out removing the phone from the pocket, I also enjoyed the ability to put a hydration bladder in the back of the vest.



The SeV pays homage to its roots by including high visibility flaps on the inside of front and back pocket flaps. They can be folded down and snapped. This feature is great if you, like me, fish or hike in areas that allow hunting. The high visibility flaps can also be cut of and used to signal for help if you are in a pinch. See, this thing really can save your life!

The SeV Sportsman Vest is ready for any trip you have in mind and will easily replace most day packs you have. There are so many features in this vest that it is sure to meet all your outdoor needs and your around town travels as well.

I was a little skeptical about this vest when I got it but I have been converted to a SCOTTeVEST believer, a lot of thought went into this vest and I look forward to many trips into the woods wearing it!

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