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If there was ever a beer that reminded me of my early 20s where late nights with my friends and trips to Albertacos always seemed like a good idea, this would be it. The Horchata definitely takes me back. This delicious cinnamon vanilla flavored Imperial Stout from Elevation Beer Co. had my taste buds and memories swirling.

The Senorita pours to a deep, deep brown color with a creamy looking tan head. A cinnamon and malty aroma linger from the pint and hint at what tastes are to follow. The opening side of the taste is exactly that too added with a rich vanilla blast. On the back end of the taste the chocolate porter side really comes through, reminding you exactly what style of beer you are drinking. For me what really shines through  and is the highlight of this beer, is the soft milky cinnamon flavor that lingers in the mouth long after the drink. Lately I feel like I’ve had a fair amount of porters, but this one definitely stands out to me. The soft sweet flavors are balanced just right. There’s never a feeling of the Senorita being too sweet, but the soft side of this Imperial Porter does a great job of masking the strong bold follow that normally comes with a porter.

If you’re looking for another reason to appreciate the colder winter months, this could be it. The seasonally available Senorita is a great treat and a nice way to wrap up any day of play in the cold. The Senorita Imperial Porter from Elevation Beer Co. is available in the form of 22 oz. bomber bottles, which is a great serving size for its 8.20% ABV. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to kick back and enjoy the rest of mine while I watch the Bowl game that is super!






22 oz.


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