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SGT. Pils

After a fun hike around Fourmile Falls a refreshing beer sounded great. Thankfully for me I still had a SGT. Pils from Red Leg Brewing Co. chilling in the cooler. I quickly snatched up the American Style Pilsner and threw it down fast. SGT. Pils pours to a clean luminous golden body with a thin white head. The taste has that of a mildly hoppy bitterness that you would expect from a softer IPA or Pale Ale. Grainy earth malts and taste are also noticeable probably from the corn and fermented German style yeasts. I wouldn’t consider it to be a very sticky feeling lacy beer. The overall feel of SGT. Pils is crisp and clean. Pilsners are traditionally a great lighter feeling and tasting beer that are highly sought after during the warmer months of the year. SGT. Pils American Style Pilsner is an easy drinker with and ABV of 5.8%. Knocking a few of these back after a long hike or any other fun in the Sun type activity is a great way to cap off any event. With a fun filled summer right around the corner, I’m sure I’ll be keeping SGT. Pils readily stocked, I recommend you do the same.



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