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This chocolate treat from Boulder Beer is more of a dessert than a beer. Guard your fridges and watch your beer, this tasty Chocolate Porter is sure to disappear fast. 

The Shake from Boulder Brewing Company pours to a rich dark body with a thick tan head, that holds a lot of retention. When taking the glass up to the mouth to dive into that first drink, your nose is overpowered with the sweet aroma of chocolate. The mouthfeel on this one is medium to thick. Not too rich, but nicely balanced. The milk chocolate is the opening flavor you'll notice on the front of this porter, but it evens out nicely with coffee notes and a thicker follow. It's not very heavy compared to other stouts and porters. I'd say this is a lot like drinking a cold carbonated cocoa with an ABV of 5.90% Nothing wrong with drinking hot chocolate, but I would prefer mine in the form of the Shake.

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