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Shaky Ground

A little over a week ago an article on the web caught my eye about animals fleeing Yellowstone National Park. Some might not think too much about something like this, but throughout history, animals seem to be sensitive to disasters and other natural occurrences often fleeing the area involved. Even domestic animals have been known to runaway from there homes. This article I briefly caught, seems to have more meaning now after Yellowstone recorded an earthquake over the past weekend. Now it wasn't big enough to trigger the super volcano that resides under the park, but at 4.8 it was big enough to be of concern. I'm not sure how badly this impacted the park's wildlife or that it really did, but it was notable enough to catch our attention. According to a statement released earlier from Yellowstone National Park officials this is completely normal for the park, and as for the animals, that's nothing more than a normal migration made every year at this time in search for food. 

Doomsday preppers will likely tell you this is it, the beginning of the end. However, this is just not true, not yet anyway. Hopefully the ground has calmed down by now and there isn't any concern for further actions. Either way Yellowstone is still there and no super volcanoes have erupted as of yet.



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