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As I get ready to call it a night I'm kicking back this week with the newest creation from New Belgium Brewing Company, Shift Pale Lager. 

Once again New Belgium Brewing Company delivers! And this time they did it in a 16 oz. can! We have a love for all beers, but beer in cans will always get a few extra points in our book. They are just so much easier for us to tote around and pack along on our adventures without worries of breaking, and they are twice as easy to carry back out. Be it fishing a river or climbing a mountain, we always take cans. So, when New Belgium released their new lager earlier this month of course we were excited! 

This new Pale Lager is quite the treat! It's a simple lager nothing to do back flips over, but it's great to see a company that's known for making high-end craft brews add a Pale Lager to the inventory. One thing I did notice right away with the Shift compared to other Pale Lagers is it's initial taste. The first mouth-feel is a strong citrus, pine taste. It doesn't stick around long though. A few drinks in and the beer really starts to flow. The Shift pours to a light amber with a fluffy white head. Not too sticky and a tad mellow on the aroma. It has a crisp fresh taste, and drinks smooth. These 16 oz. cans are sold in 4 packs, and with a 5.0% ABV I can see myself breezing through a pack fast. 

One thing I'd say New Belgium has mastered is making the right beer for the weather. As the temperature gets warmer I'll be enjoying quite a few of these and I think we'll be seeing a lot of Shift Pale Lagers at BBQ's and summer gatherings. Well done New Belgium Brewing Company, there is no disappointment here!!! Now please excuse me, I'm about to get Shift-faced!!! 




16 oz.

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