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Sierra Designs Pyro Sleeping Bag

Ever spend three weeks in the same sleeping bag as your spouse, but not with your spouse? That's what we dealt with while running this Sierra Design Pyro bag through the paces of camping, so read on and enjoy a bit of he said she said during our first of many guest reviews for UpaDowna!

Sierra Designs Pyro Sleeping Bag (regular)

Rating: 15°F

Fill: 600 Down

Weight: 2lbs 13oz

Stuffed size: 8" x 16"

Ever spend three weeks in the same sleeping bag as your spouse, but not with your spouse?

He said: “When Steve asked us to test out this Sierra Designs Pyro 15-degree, 600 down fill bag, I don’t think he realized how tough a test it might be… two different people using it every night for 20 straight days. I headed for Moab for a wilderness medical course, thinking this 15-degree bag will be too warm for Moab. Little did I know that the temp would test that level and more my first night out. And no warm and wonderful spouse to keep me company!

She said: Well, the bag is, after all, designed only for one…After Michael got back, I took the bag on a 12 night trip to Canyonlands and the San Juan River with 34 8th graders…helping to run a trip like this means I really need to sleep well. There’s no room for error by a groggy, grumpy teacher!

He said: Zippers that catch in the material of the bag drive me crazy, especially if I need a rapid exit for a midnight stroll after a bit too much IPA. SD neatly crafts a ‘zipper collar’ so that smooth zipping is the rule not the exception.

She said: And finding a level spot to camp when on the river is difficult and I really hate the feeling of slipping off my pad all night long. The tethers that strapped the bag to my Thermarest kept me happy all night. As an added bonus, I could turn over inside the bag without taking the whole thing with me. I didn’t end up in a twisted mess in the morning.

He said: Waking up to frozen water bottles is always fun, but the SD bag kept me warm while I cranked up the stove for morning coffee.

She said: Our weather was not the usual desert fare and lots of people were cold on our trip. We woke up one morning after sleeping under the incredible stars to a very cold camp. It was clear that the SD I was in was better than most of my colleagues’ bags. While their bags were wet with melted frost from the heat of their bodies through the bag, mine was covered in hard frost—no body heat leak through the down fill! I was toasty warm from wool hat to toes.

We both agree: Great bag: warm, comfortable, well-designed!

*Guest review by Michael and Deb H.



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