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sixty one


It's summer. That is a fact and summer means shaking things up a bit and trying new things to see how it all takes. And this week's BOTW is no different. Bunny is off playing in the woods so I thought I would bust back on the scene and drink a cold beer in honor of his freedom in the hills. 

Fortunately I had a buddy come into town and stock the fridge with delicious beers including this week's choice. The Dogfish Head Sixty-One. A bastardization of their always pleasant 60 minute IPA. This brew was first brewed in 2013 and pays homage to the owner of Dogfish Head and his tradition of pouring a bit of wine into his 60 minute IPA as a welcome to good friends. His version of a sessionable IPA with a twist.  

Brewers these days seem to be shifting towards experimentation and far out ideas and that is all well and good, unfortunately there seems to be a lack of amazing "normal" beers. You know beers that blow away the style and really nail the spirit of the style. This 61 I found to be and solid "meh". The beer is smooth and you can easily identify the hint of the Syrah grape must, which pushes the normal 60 Minute IPA flavor to the side…a little too far to the side. This beer is nothing remarkable, but it is one that I am not sad I tried. 
To be honest I feel like this would be served at the Catalina wine mixer more than during my back yard BBQ. The head is minimal and thin and the color is akin to watered down juicy juice red. On the upside I can see the minimal bitter aftertaste that tends to push most lighter beer drinkers away from IPAs holding on to a few more. On the up side the 6.5% ABV will soon have you question your earlier decision on whether or not to have another. To be fair it is an interesting beer, and I think it is well done by Dogfish Head. And as my buddy GW says, it's just not my steez. 

4 pack

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