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Skhoop Skirt














What are you wearing?!? This was the most popular question I was asked when sporting my SKhoop Insulated Skirt. The second most popular question was: Where can I get one??? 

Size XS-XXXL (see our SIZE CHART)
Material 100% Polyester with 80 gr insulation
Length medium: 34"
Price $ 128

I have never heard of or seen an insulated skirt until the Winter 2011 Outdoor Retailer show. Models were walking around the OR in the short and long versions as well as the Long Down Jacket. I knew I had to test this product! It's kind of a "duh" invention for women. A "why didn't I think of that" followed with a smack to the head. This product is perfect in so many ways! First, I found the fit to be right on, with a bit of elastic in the hip seams, it has some extra give in case you put on a few extra winter poundage like myself. There are two zippers on the sides of the skirt, one for easy access to get on and the other for increased space to move your legs for walking/hiking. This mid-calf "Original" skirt feature zippers that can stay near the calf length, or, unzip towards the knees or hips. There are two convenient and warm pockets as well. The only suggestions I could offer for improvement is some sort of mico-fleece lined zipper so that if you are bare-leggin' it under the skirt, the zipper is not cold on your legs. Also,  it would be nice if the skirt was a bit longer and had Velcro options to close the side seams for added warmth when sitting outside. This super skirt performed well in all types of weather. It was tested at 50 degrees and as low as 20 degrees as just a skirt. I also tested it over leggings during windy days in which only my ankles were a bit chilly. It provides great protection and warmth in the wind and cold. Working at a school, this skirt was a big hit. I have already had to take orders and it's only made it's debut for a couple of days here! There are so many uses for this that I don't think I can list them all! The short list for me includes camping, hiking, waiting for the bus, walking downtown, recess duty and more! Now as for the mini skirt… Adventure On! ~MtnMama

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