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S’more Stout

After a week unleashed in the Utah desert it is really difficult to sit down to type this week’s BOTW. Fortunately this BOTW comes to you all from that very trip and is full of fond memories of the warm sand and campfire libations. Meet Base Camp Brewing’s S’more Stout, this rich and malty stout was recommended to be served with a S’more, so why the hell not? I was after all camping, and while the picture does not really do it justice, it was delicious (and as all campfire marshmallows are, incredible sticky and gooey!) Rich full bodied roasted malts and a slight bitter and dry finish make this a nice little stout to be enjoyed any time. However, if you are looking for a beer that tastes like a S’more…well, this is not the beer for you, if only because it is hard to reproduce a rich sweet flavor of a S’more in a beer that can hold the 7.7% ABV of this one! I picked up on some imperial stout hints in the cheek pinching and almost tangy notes in this nicely balanced thick and creamy beer. Black as sin, this stout lives up to its roots and does the style proud. So if you like the imperial stouts (no, to be clear this is not one) and want a treat, give this one a go!

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