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Snake Dog IPA


Love in a can is the best way I can describe this week's BOTW. Snake Dog IPA from Fredricksburg, MD's very own Flying Dog Brewing Co is a big delicious beer that makes me proud to be an American! In fact, while I was drinking this 7.1% ale I was thinking about how far beers have come, from the cheap nasty swill beers of yesteryear we now have such amazing offerings from our breweries that I really think people are starting to dial in an appreciation for craft beer and the artistic nature of creating a great beer.

This slightly hazy almost amber ale pours with the most amazing creamy full head that really makes you think it is of a different style. The nose is delicate and piney but not a real bitter hop offering, until you drink it. Then, my oh my does it come together. After a quick sip and then another I was wishing this came in 22oz bombers, because it is so damned delicious when it touches your lips! Now I have to admit that I drank this after our 3rd Sunday Adventure and was eager to unwind in the mountains so more than likely any beer would have tasted great, but this was a great beer. Tons of flavor intricacies and clean and crisp like a mountain stream.

This is a beer that I feel will be stocked in our office fridge and will more than likely make to more that a few backcountry trips. Cheers to great beers!



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