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Snow Peak Starter Kit



Often times I have purchased gear just to find another more appropriate product the next day. Snow Peak helps us through this with their all in one Starter Kit. Featuring a titanium pot, titanium spork, and a great compact stove in one kit for less than $90!

Material  Stove: Stainless Steel, Pot: Titanium, Spork: Titanium
Dimensions  Pot: D 4.2" H 4.4", Stove: D 4.2", H 2.6"
Capacity  Pot: 24 fluid oz
Size Stowed  D 4.2" H 6.5"
Made In  JAPAN
Weight  9.15 oz
MSRP: $89.95
To be honest there is not too terribly much that comes to mind as far as what you really need to know about this Starter Kit other than that you should just buy the damn thing. If you are new to the backpacking world at some point you will be tempted to go lighter and that being said usually means Titanium stuff, it also means compact items that are both durable and easy to maintain. If you have been in the scene for a bit then I am preaching to the choir and you know the durability and weight savings of Titanium and the choice is clear.
The smart thing here is the ability for someone to get it all in one kit for a great price. I used the kit multiple times over the past few months and the stove is a great little compact unit that can support moderate sized pots and has a great flame dispersion to allow more even heating.
Be aware that although you can adjust the flame on the stove using a compact stove like this is meant for simply meals rather than long simmer time feasts. The stove's pezio igniter fired off flawlessly and even when it does break…and it will, because they all do, every one from every company that produces them breaks, you can just ignite the stove with a lighter. The pot holds enough liquid to make a meal for 2 and with the nifty lip on the lid you can hang the lid on the side of the pot. Oh and that fancy side-of-the-pot-holding lid also features a sippy spout or a strainer depending on how you look at it. Be aware that Titanium is amazing at transferring heat…so you will burn your soft little lips off if you are not careful. The spork is, well, aside from being one of the most ingenious feat of human engineering ever is perfect with just a long enough handle to be able to stir your meal but also reach deep enough into packets of meals for every last nourishing bite. But it does not fit into the cup with the lid on it.
So lets face it you NEED this kit and if you buy it all in one then you end up saving $10 straight away, so it really is a win-win.
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