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Sprint Palm Holder water bottle

DESCRIPTION: hand held 10oz water bottle
MATERIAL: BPA free plastic
MSRP: $14.95


Hydrate or die, plain and simple. Water is a key component in anyone’s training regimen and one of the hardest parts of ensuring that you have enough water readily available is to be sure you’ll actually carry water with you. Hydration solution company FuelBelt has come up with a great way to carry much needed H20 with out the user feeling bogged down by a cumbersome water bottle. Their ultralight Helium Collection features a 10 oz handheld bottle called the Sprint Palm Holder, weighing the equivalent of a unicorn horn, you’ll hardly know it is there.


There is nothing new about handheld water bottles, however the creative approach that FuelBelt took created a minimalist bottle that has a small padded strap that is comfortable and snug enough to feel like a natural extension of your hand. Inanition to the ergonomic shape of the bottle and adjustable strap the bottle features a silicone push pull bottle cap for ease of use and if you are like me an occasionally us your teeth to open the bottle, you won’t feel like your fighting to open it with out cracking your teeth.


Another feature the Helium series is proud to tout is that these bottles come in a variety of colors to allow those of you that care to color coordinate with even the wildest of outfits. If you are new to the hand held hydration game, or looking for another minimalist option to help you ensure you’re properly hydrating this may be the right product for you.


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