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SPUR /spər/


-a thing that prompts or encourages someone; an incentive
-an angular projection, offshoot, or branch extending out beyond or away from a main body or formation
-A spur is the outward projecting (bulging out)part of the mountain that usually curves away from the main body, laterally.

-promote the development of; stimulate.

To UpaDowna,  the definition of SPUR is Similar Paths United (by) Recreation. Many of us walk the same path and don’t even know it. Finding camaraderie with others who share similar interests helps us feel more comfortable with new experiences. Many times, it can also help to share your challenges with folks who are “climbing” the same mountain as you.

In simple terms, UpaDowna’s mission is to provide access to outdoor adventures for all. Staying true to our mission, we will still continue to offer activities and programs that are free and open to everyone. However, more and more similar interest groups have organically started to pop up within our organization. Enter our “SPUR” groups. SPUR stands for “Similar Paths United by Recreation”. Many participants find out at our programs that they have something in common; they are single parents, or maybe dog lovers, or possibly they just moved to Colorado! Stay tuned for additional SPUR activities throughout the year!

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Apply to be a leader

We are looking at offering more frequent programs, with a focus on multiple group categories. Please help us narrow down the direction of these future groups, or also apply to be a leader for a category or two!

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