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Sriracha Hot Stout

SIZE: 22 oz.
ABV: 5.70

Being a fan of both spicy foods and Rogue Ales it was just a matter of time before I got my hands on one of the Sriracha Hot Stouts from Rogue Ales.

I decided to take a drive up to the mountains today with a friend of mine and my dog. More specifically an area that we (UpaDowna) will soon be venturing in more on some backpacking trips. It was a nice morning but like so many other days here in Colorado the weather quickly started to change. Clouds started to roll in, then a little rain followed, and soon after a light snow started to fall. I figured this was a good time to kick back for a few minutes enjoy a beer and take in a little Colorado. We cracked the Rogue Ales Sriracha Hot Stout. It was snowing, but it wasn’t really that cold out. Even if it was we figured the Sriracha Hot Stout would warm things up a bit. A hint of smoky pepper aroma filled the air on the pour. The beer itself poured to a dark color with a thick head that left lacy clingings behind on the pint glass. The taste starts with a chili warmth that moves over to a bit of a chocolate taste that soon settles back to a roasted pepper taste. It was a unique taste experience, the marriage of chocolate and peppers, much like you get with specialty candy bars that are flavored the same. I guess that’s a pretty good comparison, a pepper based chocolate candy bar. Add that with a 5.70% ABV and you have a delightful brew if you’re a fan of spicy and sweet.

This is a great here and there kind of beer, but not one to session. If you are a fan of chili style beers this one is worth checking out. The Stout style added a very nice balance and feel that complimented the spices nicely.



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