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State Pen Porter

SIZE: 12 oz
ABV: 6.4%

You know trying to hold yourself accountable to get work done in a timely fashion is a bit of a bear sometimes. Even when it is only a beer review. This week I am a full 2 days late with this one (we try to have them out by Sunday night). You see this weekend Mtn Mama and I headed down to the desert south of Sante Fe, NM and on the return trip we had some unexpected problems with the van. Those problems meant a night at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas….New Mexico. Fortunately for us the Plaza had a great little bar and some delicious cold beers to help wash away or blues. And although to some it might have felt like we were trapped, we made the best of it and had a blast regardless, After all that is the spirit of adventure!

So in honor of our “internment” I drank a nice malty porter from the Sante Fe Brewing company, appropriately called the State Pen Porter. This 6.4% delicious malty beverage is no jail house hootch, it poured a dark brown and had ample body and just enough nutty sweetness to avoid the flat dry finish so common in this style. If you like porters that are medium bodied, and feature hints of chocolate, and a tiny bit of smoke this one should be on your short list. I have checked and this is a year round brew that is offered most places with in Sante Fe’s distribution footprint, so track some down and enjoy this fall warmer.


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