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SteriPEN Freedom


Weight: 2.6oz

Bulb life: 8000 doses or 4000L of water

Features: Rechargeable and it's got a Flashlight!

MSRP: $120

This is a tough one to review. I mean come on how to you accurately review magic? Ok so to the big brains out there killing things we can't see with something we can't see makes perfectly good sense, right? But to all of us troglodytes this is a tough pill to swallow.

The gist of this is that SteriPen has created the ultimate water nastiness killer with Ultraviolet Light, simply place the wand (SEE it is magic!) into the water so the metal sensors contact the water and stir for a few seconds. Yeah, that's it! So the real question is does it work? And my exhaustedly researched answer is, how the hell should I know? Other than the fact that I trusted it and did not get sick when I drank fresh mountain stream water. But maybe I wouldn't have gotten sick anyway…who knows. 

The one thing I do know is that the science is sound and utilizing UV light has been shown to kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa that can cause water borne illness. SteriPEN has even received the coveted Water Quality Associations Goal Seal, which means that folks that know about this sort of thing recognize the good work this product does!

The things that I do know is that this product is rechargeable and apparently can purify 4000 L of water on the light…but no word on how many times you can use it before it needs to be recharged. Which this fancy little product will tell you by blinking a red light. 

To use the light simply place the sensor into the water and wait for a green light to light up when the green light stays on the water is safe to drink. 

One word of caution is that the base of the unit needs to be in contact with the water in order to purify which means that narrow mouth water bottles will not suffice! Also the SteriPEN does not work well in turbid or murky water, however the company says simply quadruple the dose and it should be ok…but no guarantee. In order for the SteriPEN to work correctly the UV light needs to reach all of the water so swirling the water during purification is important. 

Now to be clear there is no sensor in the pen that tells you if the little nasties have been killed, rather it only relays a positive if the pen is allowed to run its full duration of exposure to the liquid. I think that this is potentially a great treatment source for true believers, and maybe one day I will be one,  but for now I am happy to boil, chemically treat, and pray my way through the water issues because unfortunately it is all wizardry to me.


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