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Sticky Drippy Crystals

SIZE: 500ml

 If you haven’t picked up on this already, the après beer is pretty important to me. Sometimes more important than the activity (excuse) itself. Well if I have ever earned the reward beer this one takes the cake. I did a century . . . on an indoor bike trainer. That is five plus hours I will never get back. I’m not glad I did it. It was stupid and my butt hurt. However, I really loved the beer afterwards. I decided to crack a Tired Hands Sticky Dippy Crystals, an oak fermented honey saison. I really enjoy saisons with honey added, with my favorites being Casey East Bank and Hill Farmstead Anna, so I was excited to try Tired Hands take on it.

Sticky Dippy Crystals poured the expected color, basically a light gold. I could dive into the type of straw it resembled or which phase of rust it was, based on the oxidation rate, but it just looked light gold to me. It was fairly clear and the aroma hit me before my nose reached the glass. The first impression was orange peel. That aroma then developed into a more florally orange peel with some acidity. Not that surprising for a honey saison, but none the less it was really nice. I smelled it a few more times before I took a sip because the flavor can change the aroma perception and I wanted to enjoy it. The taste wasn’t as acidic as the aroma let on. It was sweeter than expected and dryer on the finish. The honey flavor was noticeable, but not as pronounced as it was in the aroma. Overall a great beer from the odd balls at Tired Hands. I don’t believe this one was brewed by time travelers. I would love to drink it again as long as I can do something different beforehand.

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