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Stone Farking Wheaton w00tStout

What a weekend! UpaDowna rocked out the Springs Beer Fest yesterday and today tackled our UpaDowna “R.O.A.R. in the City”. ROAR stands for Really Outrageous Adventure Race, and it is the largest event that we host each year, and huge contributor to our annual fund raising. This year we went with a prehistoric theme and dinosaur related challenges were taking over downtown Colorado Springs City Parks, along with some other fun mischief. After two long days in the sun with the team I’m glad to now be kicking back at home with a cold brewski!

This week’s pick for the UpaDowna BOTW is the Stone Fraking Wheaton w00tStout. Try to say that one 10 times fast! For the remainder of this post I’m just going to refer to this beer as the w00tStout. The w00tStout pours to a very dark brown color with a thick two finger mocha tan head. Bourbon oak aged flavors rise through the taste on the full drink from the tip of the taste to the tail, only getting stronger on the finish. The mouthfeel is sharp and crisp yet heavy and thick but doesn’t linger around making the mouth feel sticky. Coffee, pecans, maple, chocolate, and caramel would be my guesses as to the suspects smoothing out the sweet side of this drink softening the oak aged bourbon bite ever so much. The w00tStout is available in 22 oz. bomber bottles, which is more than enough drink for it’s powerful 13% ABV. This is a beer I recommend you grab fast if you see it in your local liquor store. Stone Brewing Co. has retired this one, but they’re still out there on the shelves, so grab ’em fast if you see them. It would be a great beer to have stored in your collection, for the fall or winter months. Not that I needed more of a reason to select this beer for our BOTW other than I just wanted to drink it, but I also got home tonight and turned on The Big Bang Theory, which just so happened to be having a guest appearance with Will Wheaton. It was a sign.

I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend, and if you’re unwinding tonight with a beer, I hope it’s a good one. If you happened to make it out to either the Springs Beer Fest or The UpaDowna ROAR in the City today, then I thank you and tip my glass to you. Cheers!



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