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Stonz Youth Mittz

Description: Stay-secure, warm waterproof mittens for kids.

Material: Durable water and wind resistant coated Nylon, Thinsulate Insulation, weatherproof membrane with a psi of 5,000.

MSRP: $39.99

Again, another wonderful product I was introduced to at the Outdoor Retailer Show and I am SOOO happy to come home and share this great product with our readers! On first glance at the Stonz products, the word that came to my mind was “simple”. Simple in a good way! The Stonz Wear products look similar to a “fleece-lined chalk bag” which is how they got their start with their popular booties.

Now they’ve expanded their line to include Mittz, Hatz, Rain Bootz and new Winter Bootz. Stonz sent me back home from the OR Show to Colorado with a pair of their Mittz gloves for Cody, my 6 year old son to test.

Luckily here in Colorado Springs, we’ve had quite a few snowy days to test the Mittz out. Right away, Cody gave an “ooooohh” when he slid them on his hands and described them as “cozy and really soft”. The fleece-lined inside of the gloves are inviting and keep the hands warm and comfortable. So warm in fact, during a sledding outing, he mentioned his hands were hot and sweaty and needed to “cool them down” by throwing a few snowballs at me!

The Mittz for youth (2-8+yo) include a thumb where the infant Mittz (0-2yo) do not. He prefers the mitten shape and ease of use over a 5-finger glove. Mostly because they “make really, really good snowballs!” Cody loved the simple design, stating that they are “zebra colors, and that’s cool”. Another favorite feature for Cody is the back of the thumb is fleece which is used for nose-wiping when a Kleenex is not handy.

The Mittz are designed to be worn over the jacket on the forearms and feature two toggles, one around the wrist and one near the elbow to make sure they stay on. These toggles do a great job of keeping the Mittz on and snow out! Cody felt confident that he could tighten and loosen the toggles and did so after a few practice rounds. I love the tighteners because compared to other gloves we’ve tried (Velcro and elastic) these are by far the best for keeping the glove on and in place.

After 3 different tests during three different activities (sledding, skiing, and snowball throwing…) his hands were always warm once we headed back inside. We even had to use them to keep his feet warm one night when his shoes and socks were soaked. The toggles came in handy again, keeping the Mittz on his feet this time! A handy, easy to use clip connects the gloves so they stay together when not in use.

The gloves are designed to fit for many years, allowing the consumer to purchase about 3 pairs over the course of 13 years, instead of a new pair every year that the child has grown out of or has lost it’s Velcro/elasticity. For the moderate price of $39.99, these Mittz will be our go-to brand of gloves until he is older.

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