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Strider Balance Bike: SPORT

DESCRIPTION: Beginner Bikes For Kids
WEIGHT:6.7 lbs
MSRP: 89.99

As a new father, life constantly has me on my toes. This is a new journey for me and frightful and delightful in ways I never could imagine. One thing that I know for sure is I am going to be worried and scared for my son (and any other children to follow) for the rest of my life. A nice reassurance is seeing companies research, develop, and manufacture innovative adaptive safe gear and equipment with children in mind. The Strider Balance Bikes are a great example of this! Even better than giving me a piece of mind, what Strider Balance Bikes do for kids is invaluable, they create confidence.

The Strider Balance Bikes are simply small light weight bicycles designed without pedals, cranks, sprockets, or gears allowing the rider to focus on balance and the joy of self propulsion. You might have seen awesome videos of two year olds ripping on Striders at skate parks or around town. My personal favorite is of a little guy that rides his to school everyday, it’s a blast! If you haven’t seen it and you’re thinking of purchasing a Strider, you need to Google or Youtube this pronto!  The Strider is amazingly adjustable and comes in  different versions allowing riders of all sizes to give it a whirl. Adding to that there are also different size seats available for customization! The concept is simple, lower the seat enough so the child’s feet can comfortably hit the ground supporting his or her weight. When they feel comfortable and confident enough they can sit on the seat and lift there feet up supporting their weight on the bike. When they need speed they simply put their feet down and run, get moving and lift their feet up.

The Strider Bike is simply the step needed before training wheels, actually it’s the step that will likely end the need for training wheels altogether. Children are simply more in control and stable on the Strider. They learn faster and have more fun doing it without being scared of falling the whole time. It’s a pretty genius idea. Adding to the awesome and trying to leave no child behind, Strider also has a special needs line! The only thing really needed is a small adjustment time to get the kiddo familiar to the feel. Another really cool thing Strider has going is an awesome line of accessories allowing your little one to fully customize their new ride! If you’re looking for an intro to getting a small child riding a bike this is it!

The model we were fortunate enough to play on is the Sport. This is just one of three models in this line, Classic, Sport, and Pro. Small specs vary between all the models, but the no tools needed for adjusting the handle bars and seat on this model made the Sport all that much more convenient! (follow this link to see the spec chart) Let’s face it that’s important. What kid wants to sit around watching mom or dad adjust the bike instead of letting them on it.

So what are you waiting for, let the fun begin!!!



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