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Summer Ale


A fine Summer Ale on a warm August night just feels right and makes me happy. The Sam Adams Summer Ale is refreshing and zesty! Citrus notes of lemon are a welcomed flavor here. The Summer Ale pours to a hazy golden body with a very thin white head. The carbonation and mouthfeel are well balanced. It's a bit on the thin side but this allows that zest lemon taste to really reach out and greet your taste buds. I'm glad it wasn't too sweet. The follow is smooth and crisp. This one goes down easy, almost too easy. This Summer Ale is so light and refreshing it could be drank all day. And with a 5.30% ABV it just might be. 

This may not be the best beer to pull out for your beer snob friends, but it's a reliable summer drink that goes great on warm nights. Refreshing, crisp, and zesty not a bad combination at all.



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