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Summer Helles


The Summer Helles from New Belgium Brewing is a light and crisp drinker great for any hot summer day. The Summer Helles pours to a very clear and light golden body. One thing I have to say about this beer is it is one clean tasting beverage. A lightly spiced grainy hop meets you on the front of the taste, that reminds me of a Summer Pilsner. This taste quickly moves over to a more malt back and crisp mouthfeel. Like most summer seasonal beers the Summer Helles is smooth and light with a great crisp feel. Balancing out this well beer is an ABV of a mild 5.0%. This beer is just plane great drink after a long day in the sun when you really need a cold drink to refresh your thirst and body. The feel and taste of this beer is one that truly quenches your thirst. If you're not into the lighter side of beers then the Summer Helles is probably not for you. But if you're in the mood for a soft easier drink then the Summer Helles is a beer made for you.




12 oz.

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