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Another great Sunday here in Colorado, and a great way to welcome the month of June. This weekend was long and full of physical labor (moving), a smooth refreshing crisp beer was exactly what I needed. The Summerfest from Sierra Nevada Brewing filled the bill on all accounts.

The Summerfest pours to a light golden-yellow body with a thin head that shrinks away fast. A bready aroma is also noticeable on the pour. Light malt and floral flavors meet you on the front end of the drink. While a more earthy flavor and lager feel follow on the finish. The overall feel of the beer is light and crisp. The carbonation is also a medium mouthfeel. The ABV is a bit tame at 5.0% but that just means we can drink more of them. The Summerfest is a light drinker that's smooth and refreshing. This is an extremely easy drinker that helps refresh and cool off the warm Summer nights. I think the Summerfest is a beer that we better all stock up on. I have a feeling come July, August time frame these smooth brews are gonna be hard to find on the shelves.




12 oz.

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