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Summit House Stout


Summit House Stout

Go BIG, or go home. Pikes Peak Brewing Company’s 32 ounce canned beers and 4.5” fat bike tires go hand in hand. As I was packing for the recent Global Fat Bike Weekend camping trip, I wanted to bring a beer that reflected our plans for a big fun filled event. The Summit House Stout in the big Peak Can met all my expectations.

Summit House Stout is a bold, rich brew with a strong coffee aroma and taste. The coffee and chocolate could be overwhelming for some folks, but for me as a winter sipping beer, this definitely hits the spot. This tasty stout has a dark tan, creamy head, which is sure to cover that trendy moustache you’re wearing this winter. Some stout beers can be overly bitter with a burnt taste, but that is not the case here. Toasty malts, and some spices I can’t yet distinguish, round out this flavorful beverage. At 7.5% ABV, this beer is comforting whether hanging out at the campfire, at the back patio as the sun sets, or watching the snowfall. It was absolutely perfect after our first bike ride of the weekend.

PPBC has recently introduced this 32 ounce, canned and sealed at the bar as you order it, aptly named Peak Can. Ready to be taken home or to your campsite to share with friends, the canned beer is more portable than the traditional glass growlers. Aluminum cans tend to keep beer fresh longer than glass as light cannot get through, and with a sealed top compared to screwed on cap, this helps prevent oxygen from entering and degrading the overall taste. The Peak Can breaks away from traditionalists wanting to bring their reusable glass growler to their local brewery, but the canned beer movement is growing and here to stay.

Guest Reviewed By Dana A.



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