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Sunrise OPA

SIZE: 16 oz
ABV: 5.2 %

When visiting different vacation spots, I always try to buy local, eat local, and drink local. Supporting the smaller local communities that open their doors to us for our vacations is important in keeping their economies strong and their people vibrant. So while visiting the northern Oregon coast I had so many incredible beers to choose from, and the Sunrise Oatmeal Pale Ale from Fort George Brewery just up the coastline in Astoria Oregon really caught my eye and surprised me.

With a mix of four different hops, it has a slightly bitter but not overly hoppy bite, yet it finishes really smooth and even a little creamy with the addition of the oats. At 5.2% ABV, the Sunrise OPA is enjoyable during a warm afternoon without having you stumbling on the beach while looking for sea shells and enjoying the waves. While not the most experimental beer I had on this trip, it was just down right tasty and enjoyable while laughing with family and friends. For something with a little more punch, try their Vortex IPA while visiting the Pacific Northwest as these brews are only available in the Pacific Northwest.

-Dana A.

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