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Sweet Baby Jesus

This week’s BOTW was a welcome one as I sit snugly in my house escaping the bitter cold planning the next big adventure. To do this I was thumbing through books and getting inspiration by reading of all of the awesome adventures others have had. And as I was doing so I cracked this beer and thought, genius, pure freaking genius! Talk about naming a beer correctly. Once you try this beer you will be unable to proclaim anything other than “Sweet Baby Jesus!” This creamy chocolate peanut butter porter from DuClaw Brewing is pure peanut buttery, chocolaty goodness, smooth and creamy and amazing! Which I must say pairs well with warm cozy houses and trip planning!

Shortly after pouring this dark brown porter into my pint I drew deep a breath hoping to smell the deliciousness that I was sure to experience after reading the label, and well, I was left lacking, the smell was robust and malty but no real lead into the reality. But once this porter hit my tongue, I knew, I knew without a doubt this beer was amazing. Normally I am not a huge malt fan, I prefer bitter notes often accompanying the IPAs, but this was different. This was ground breaking.

The flavor was rich and complex and much like a gourmet peanut butter cup, not the cheapo knock off stuff at the dollar store, but the one you find at a luxury joint where you can only afford one. This was phenomenal. While the beer sits at a respectable 6.5% ABV you would hardly notice it, as you sip this creamy full bodied beer and drift away to Willy Wonka chocolate factory of dreams. Topped with a thick head of densely packed mini-bubbles the ale below is full of robust chocolaty malts and an alluring peanut butter richness. Too bad this ale is not distributed here in Colorado yet, and 3 cheers to Ryan for having the compassion and care in his heart to bring a bunch of east coast beers back for me to try out. I love you man.



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