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Swiftwick Compression Sock

Our feet are an important part of the outdoor adventure lifestyle. No matter what you do, hiking, biking, running or more, you've got to take care of your feet. Swiftwick socks are unlike any sock I've tried before and I like it! I will be specifically talking about their Aspire line, a 200 needle constructed sock made from nylon,  olefin (the only Nobel Prize winning fiber) and spandex. A 200 needle construction is the highest you'll find in any sock. It is more durable, softer and denser which means you'll pay a higher price for one pair but that one pair will last you a long time. 

The Aspire collection is said to be "perfect for narrow feet" and I couldn't agree more. I have a very high arch and skinny feet and because of the optimal fitting and seamless toe, they fit nice and snug. I am very picky about my socks and have to have different ones for different activities. Swiftwicks are my "go-to" socks for cycling and trail running. I like a very "slim-fitting" feel when trail running and these socks provide that. 

With the thin design, I was afraid that they might get snags or wear out in high use areas such as the ball of my foot or the heel. So far, none of the above has occurred! 

More benefits of this sock are that it is made in the USA, it doesn't use chemicals to wick away moisture and Swiftwick strives to be carbon neutral, conserve and recycle while creating "the best sock you will ever wear". 

Swiftwick has the perfect blister-resistant sock for everyone ranging in prices ($12.99-$40.00) and materials (synthetic, wool), featuring managed compression which helps to reduce swelling, increase endurance and improve circulation. They have a "military compliant" version of the Aspire that is logo free. Synthetic not your thing? Try the natural option, the Pursuit line features merino wool that has insulating and wicking qualities. 

Aspire Zero is my go-to for trail running and cycling. 


Aspire Twelve is a great compression option for running or recovery. 

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