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Terramar Gear

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It all started with my attendance at The Women's Adventure Event in September. I was lucky enough to link up with Terramar Sports, a leader in performance base layers.

I recently tested two items during my Thanksgiving trek up the Incline. The first was their Body-Sensors Terra-T, 100% recycled micro polyester long sleeve base layer. It was great! I had used it a couple of times as a base under my favorite UpaDowna T's then put it to the test on the incline. It holds true to being light weight, fast drying and highly breathable. Talk about comfort, I couldn't even tell I had it on. I wore this under a Saucony Optech SportTop which made the perfect combination of warmth, comfort and breath-ability. After our hour and 1/2 trek, my Terramar Terra-T was dry as soon as I finished my 2nd go round of Thanksgiving feast at the local pub. Fast wicking and comfortable as a second skin, makes this shirt one of my "go-to's" this winter season!


The second item was their ThermaDri socks. Now, I'm not the biggest wool fan in the world but I am loving me some Merino! The soft fibers of the Merino and Polyester blend so well that it makes these socks one of the most comfortable pairs that I've had! These socks are R/L fitted to provide a perfect fit and seem to hug all the right places! They also performed well keeping my feet and toes warm and dry throughout the run. Now as for my fingers which were freezing…

Terramar is an emerging leader in the outdoor apparel industry, partnering natural textiles with high performing technical fabrics. Join the expedition as Terramar athlete Eric Larson explores the poles on his quest to save the planet! Also, join in the fun and LIKE them on Facebook to win FREE gear!

Adventure On!


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