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Thank You, City of Colorado Springs!

And no, it’s not sarcastic. It’s actually a true, heartfelt and meaningful thank you! Our city is used to complaints day in and day out and probably do not hear “thanks” all that often.

My reason for the gratitude is a recent concern I had about communing by bike around our town. It was a warm and beautiful day out and I had tons of errands to do for UpaDowna. So, I jumped on my bike to get it done! Our city is currently working on plans to improve the connectivity of bikes lanes and trails (see notes below about bicycle master plan meetings), so that is not my current concern. What was a concern for me was the amount of debris, sand and rocks that happened to be on walking and cycling paths. One issue was that street sweepers had not cleaned the bike lanes which caused sand, trash and debris from crashes to be swept into the bike lane. Debris in the bike lane causes cyclists to ride in the roadway, which is not what the bike lane was intended for.

Cyclists are considered “vehicles” and follow (or SHOULD follow) the rules of the road, just like cars do. Since cyclists are road users as well, the entire street needs to be clean. The second issue was the abrupt stop of a trail which leads to a street with no easy way to get back in the bike lane. This caused me to walk my bike on the sidewalk which was in one area, covered in rocks and dirt from a recent flood.

After that, I was a little distraught, and feeling like a 2nd class citizen. Why should car drivers get their potholes fixed when walkers and cyclists don’t get the same respect for our pathways? Read a related story about why bike lanes need to be cleaned.

Ok…I know it sounds like I’m just complaining, but I’m getting to the good part, I promise! After noticing some of these trouble spots, I downloaded the app “GoCoSprings”. This is the official app of the city of Colorado Springs and it works wonders! (There is also an online version similar to the app).

I rode my bike on a Wednesday which is when I encountered the issues, downloaded the app, submitted my concerns that afternoon and the next day, received an email (and even a phone call) that said both issues were being investigated. I’m not sure when it happened but by today, a week later…both issues were taken care of! WOW! Talk about creating positive change in our community! The app also features a section where you can track the issues you have submitted and see the progress. There are a lot of issue topics that you can choose from, ranging from barking dogs to graffiti, potholes to park maintenance.

Have you seen issues around town? If so, I encourage you to download the GoCoSprings app and start to make a difference today! And…don’t forget to say thanks!

Adventure On!


Colorado Springs Bicycle Master Plan Meetings (all are at 6pm):

May 20- Cheyenne Mtn High School, 1200 Cresta Rd

May 21- Eagle View Middle School, 1325 Vindicator Dr

June 3- Library 21c, 1175 Chapel Hills Dr

June 4- Southeast YMCA, 2190 Jet Wing Dr

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