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The Camelbak Chute – UpaDowna
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The Camelbak Chute

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Product Details:

  • Hydration capacity: .75L and 1L options
  • 100% BPA- and taste-free bottle
  • High-flow ergonomic spout
  • Internal threads to prevent water runoff
  • Easy-open ½-Turn spout cap
  • Two-finger carrying handle
  • Lid and spout cap tethers
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • MSRP $13 for .75 L and $14 for 1 L
  • Covered by the CamelBak Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee

In many ways, recommending a water bottle is tougher than recommending, say, a pair of hiking shoes. Everyone has a different style and brand that they love, so it’s hard to find one that’s well-suited for everyone. But what you’re looking for in a water bottle will depend entirely on where, when, and how you’ll be using it. It’s a subjective thing.

But after some work, I have found a solid, reusable water bottle for everyday use around the home, work, gym, and in the backcountry. Whatever bottle you choose, weaning yourself off store-bought bottled water will save the planet a small share of its precious fossil fuels while saving you a lot of money. I am a huge fan of green friendly products and ways to cut back on waste.

The Camelbak Chute was my choice. It is made for the outdoors which means they’re plenty durable for outdoors activity (and, of course, desk-bound drinking). The construction is also designed with a leak proof tethered cap for easy filling in streams. They’re also dishwasher safe. The screw-top lids mean you can toss ‘em in your hiking bag or passenger seat without worrying about leaks. And they’re also just really nice looking objects with several stylish colors.

With all that being said, in testing, I found the Chute to be durable on days on the Slab connecting it to my harness with a carabineer or stuffing into my day bag on a winter skiing trip. I also used the Chute in conjunction with my MSR MiniWorks filtration system to grab some cool mountain water from a stream fitting the filter securely to top. I like the new design with the screw on cap and large drinking area allowing for a big gulp instead of a slow sip. The Chute bottle holds .75 to 1 Liter of water For H2O guzzlers like myself, it’s an awesome addition. It does require two hands for twisting and opening the spout, but sometimes you need make sacrifices.

Other than that, filling it up is very simple, and drinking out of it is so much better than the filter bottles I've dealt with in the past. I highly recommend this for those picky about the taste of water who don't like fighting with filter straws. It’s a great choice all around and a solid product yet again from Camelbak.  

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