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The Complete Walker IV


The quintessential gear guide, often referred to as the "Hikers Bible". Although gear evolves at a lightening fast pace, Colin Fletcher and Chip Rawlins do a great job of compiling a great resource for those that can't get enough gear knowledge. In The Complete Walker, Fletcher and Rawlins break down the camping and hiking world into easily manageable sections from your boots to your rain fly and everything in between. I must admit the book's 845 pages seem daunting it is actually quite an easy read. The book starts and ends with a somewhat philosophical view on hiking and leaves you feeling well informed on just about every aspect of hiking and camping. The focus of this book lends itself more towards the comfortable relaxing aspect of enjoying the outdoors rather than the ultra light fast packing craze that is slowly becoming more popular. If you want a great resource on all things hiking that is a comfortable blend of anecdotes and a wealth of knowledge from years of experience this is the book for you!

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