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The Evolv Defy – UpaDowna
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The Evolv Defy

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· PROFILE: Semi-symmetrical down cambered (CS1 last)

· SOLE: 4.2 mm TRAX® XT-5 high friction rubber

· RAND: 2.2mm TRAX® duro-rand

· UPPER: Perforated elastic Synthratek synthetic upper

· LINING: Cotonfiber lining in heel cup/toe box

· MIDSOLE: MPX-1 1.3mm stiff poly-dynamic full-length midsole

· SIZES: 2 to 13.5 US men

I finally had to retire my old faithful climbing shoes and move on to something new and different. The last pair I had were all around climbing shoes and were made for comfort and versatility more than anything else. My climbing has slowly (over a period of two years) become more aggressive and with my style of climbing changing I figured my shoes should as well. I started researching the different types of shoes while trying to find out what type of shoe I needed for my type of climbing. First off, I am not rich and price was definitely a factor. Second, I want to be climbing at the 5.12 – 5.13 level by this time next year. Last of all, I spend quite a bit of time at the climbing gym and I don’t want to be taking my shoes off every three minutes because they hurt. All of these thoughts led me to the Evolv Defy.

The Defys are known for their sweet value. At roughly 80-90bucks bucks you get a shoe that has different thickness in high wear areas (like the toe) which is the number one place for blow outs in climbing shoes. The shoe has double rip and stick straps and a padded tongue to add extra comfort (and this comfort is noticeable). Even when the shoe is tightly cinched down the padded tongue makes the roof of your foot feel like it has a pillow tied to it. To top it off the shoe has a nylon liner (adding once again to comfort) and two heal loops which make the shoe as easy as possible to put on.  In addition to a great design, you can now also customize your Evolv Defy online.  You can change the thickness of the mid sole which controls the stiffness of the shoe, get different designs imprinted on the toe and heel rand and change the colors of the logos, straps, tongue, and the upper part of the shoe.  Evolv introduced this online custom climbing shoe program last year and it’s the only one of it’s kind (as far as I know).  Check it out at the link below.


Bottom line is the Evolv Defy shoe is affordable, durable, and comfortable.I would recommend the shoe for beginner or advanced rock climbers and any climber that wants to customize their rock climbing shoes.

And here is an awesome link to get a 360 degree peek at the Evolvs or even zoom in and check out the stitching.


Climb On!!


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