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The Incredible Vodka

Grain, rye, potato, wheat, grape, molasses, sugar cane, and on and on Vodka has many types of base and flavors making it great for all kinds of drinks and suitable for people with dietary restrictions. Other than delicious drinks like the Moscow Mule, vodka has another great use that not a lot of people know about. Ready for it? Insect repellent!

Vodka is a great deterrent for pesky little buggers like mosquitos, seriously! Unfortunately it doesn't work as a repellent if consumed. You have to apply to the skin just like other forms of repellent. Bugs hate it! If the scent is too strong for you, soften it up. This can be done by adding a little vanilla extract to it or other delightful aromas. You can add any aromatic mask, but I recommend only adding things to it that you would still drink if you wanted to. Getting multiple usage from your gear is the key, so why not expand that to your bug repellent and libations too?

Next time you're packing into an area riddled with pesky little biters, stop by any liquor store and grab a couple of shooter bottles. Use 'em or drink 'em, you'll be happy you brought 'em. 



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