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The New Pikes Peak Complex Continues

If you’ve climbed Pikes Peak recently then there’s no surprise the Summit Complex Project is moving forward as planned. Contractors are finishing up the building’s exterior for the winter months ahead. They are expecting the building to be completed and ready for visitors by May 2021.

According to Jack Glavan, manager at Pikes Peak America’s Mountain ,”finishing up work on the outside and we’re starting to see the building really start to look like the building, so it’s really exciting in here now.”

The new Pikes Peak Summit Complex will allow visitors to learn about the mountain’s history, climate, and more… maybe even BigFoot!! The exhibit gallery inside the Complex will include interactive digital features that will allow visitors from all over to create their own personal experiences into the Pikes Peak story. It will be a great addition to the historic mountain that we all love. 

The project is still continuing their fundraiser hoping to raise an additional 3,000,000. Click the Link to learn more!

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