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The North Face Trailhead

Always up to something new, The North Face has branched out even further. Earlier this year The North Face introduced us to their iPhone GPS application, Trailhead. The North Face teamed up with to make this app help users find, route, save,and now share their outdoor adventures online. Trailhead tracks your route, distance, speed, and elevation in real time. When you turn on the app it immediately shows you a plethra of trails and routes being shared by other users in your area. They haven't slacked when it comes to this sharing thing. Trailhead is designed so you can post your trip to, show your friends on Facebook, or tweet to the world on Twitter. Sorry, I guess they don't do Myspace. Somethings I really like about this application that set it apart from other GPS phone apps are it's free, the sharing capability, and that you are able to take pictures from your phone to mark your trips with. I'm not sure exactly where I rate this app yet. It frustrated me the first two times I used it to route my hikes. After I set it up, I hit it's lock feature, put it in my pocket and went on my way. Afterwards I found no data other than my starting point. GRR! It only took a few seconds to dial in on the problem. The touch screen and fat fingers! The pause feature is next to the lock feature. It's like texting and constantly hitting the wrong letter in a touch screen. Even though this happened twice, I'm sure mistakenly hitting the pause feature was the reason. Other than that I haven't had any real problems with it. In the iTunes app store, Trailhead is currently rated at 2.5 stars out of 5 by its users.

Last month The North Face did it again. Dubbed The Snow Report. This new application's purpose is to keep you updated on all your favorite ski-resorts current snow conditions. However, The North Face is not alone. REI also released a similar application earlier this month, the Snow and Ski Report. Neither of them have been out for very long so I don't really have much to tell you about them yet, other than they're both free. I will be putting these two apps head to head soon. The comparison will be based on accurate information, how often it is updated, how user friendly, extra features, and it's basic lay-out. To each his own. Both apps look pretty clean and easy enough to use. Check them out for yourself and stay updated with the current conditions of your favorite resort.

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