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The One Cup- Water Bottle Bowl


DESCRIPTION: Small cup that fits on the bottom of a water bottle.
MATERIAL: Silicone
MSRP: $8.95

If you’re like me, you’re used to running out of the house trying to squeeze in an adventure on a busy day. Not only do I have to be prepared for myself, but for my adventure dog as well! Sometimes (I’m a little ashamed to say…) I forget water for my dog. Usually I have my own CamelBak or Nalgene but it doesn’t make for a very dog-friendly solution for Aster. Enter The “OneCup” bowl. This cup “lives” on the bottom of your waterbottle (fits most 32-40oz bottles).

Aster drinks from the OneCup after a hike.

Not only does it create a non-skid bottom, but also a “softer” and quieter landing for those dropped bottles. It also serves many other purposes. Besides a great bowl for our dog to drink out of, we’ve used it as a storage area of sorts for keys, ear buds, (empty) dog poo bags, camp cup for drinks, a bowl for food (not hot items) and more. The sturdy silicone provides enough strength to rest the bottle on a table, even with items stored in the cup.

Storage area in The OneCup

It’s fairly easy to get on and off your bottle, a slight push on and a few tugs to pull it off is all it takes. Our bottle inevitably take a fall during hikes or rock climbing outings so this silicone bottom gives it a little bit more protection from the ground and the rocks. The OneCup comes in a variety of cool colors and is only $8.95. A decent price I think for all of the benefits it provides. It comes in handy because I can’t tell you how many times I’m out and about with just my Nalgene, and nowhere to put my keys, or a few items I’m holding. I especially love the storage it provides for dog items like a treat and a dog poo bag!

I’m thinking of buying a few that are different colors. One for the dog, one for a snack bowl, and another for sharing a sip out of. Between me, my husband, and our son…we can each have a cup on our bottle that serves a different purpose. Want the opportunity to try it? Check it out at our next 3rd Saturday Adventure.

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Here’s to a unique product that serves more than one purpose! I’ll raise a Nalgene and cheers to that!

Adventure On!


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