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This Season’s Blonde


Earlier in the week Steve and I broke away from the walled environment and headed into the hills to check out some new gear, and of course we took a couple of beers with us. It was a much needed day trip for both of us. The weather was brilliant and hints of Spring were in the air, we couldn't have picked a better day to break away. After a couple of hours of throwing gear around and running up and down mountain sides, it was time to crack some beers. This Season's Blonde was our go to on this day. 

This Season's Blonde is one easy drinker. She pours to a golden blonde body with a frothy thick white head that holds great retention. The aroma is sweet and fresh with hints of honey lingering from it. The taste is just as pleasant, with a nice wheat feel to it. There is also a moderate malty taste to this drink and I think the carbonation was a little light. This Season's Blonde has an ABV of 5.6% which is pretty spot on for Wheat Ale. Overall it has really nice taste and feel to it. It's a very refreshing beer that you won't have any problems throwing down on. This Season's Blonde Ale is a great way to end any adventure, very smooth and refreshing. 



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