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Three Floyds Dark Lord – UpaDowna
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Three Floyds Dark Lord

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SIZE: 22oz
ABV: 15%

This beer is most simply obtained by trading for it. The more complicated approach involves yelling at a computer, a pilgrimage, hypothermia, and a hangover. The more complicated approach is far more fun though. This beer spawns from a beer drinker’s bucket list festival: Dark Lord Day. It’s a day in Munster, Indiana where nerds emerge from their mother’s basements and log out of the chat room long enough for the day’s festivities. Those festivities include waiting in line way too early for a beer you were already guaranteed with entry, usually rain, usually mud, loud metal music, more lines inside, and amazing beer. The amazing beer comes from shares, other breweries pouring, but most of all 3 Floyds. 3 Floyds is the sponsor of the day and the mastermind behind Dark Lord and its day. The day is fantastic. There is barrel aged coffee, Dark Lord ice cream, Dark Lord hot sauce, glass whaelz, barrel aged variants, and more. It is a beer nerd circus and its wonderful.

The beer itself is fantastic and lives up to the hype. It pours like motor oil and tastes like diabetes. It is a rich 15 percent stout with coffee, vanilla, and sugar. It is overwhelming. The aroma is like a dark chocolate candy filled with booze. The taste is like a dark chocolate candy with booze and coffee. It warms you up as it goes down reminding you of the alcohol percentage. I think this beer only gets better as it warms so don’t rush it. Luckily you get four of these when you go and hopefully a barrel aged variant too. I love tasting this beer as it ages so I recommend working through your bottles slowly. Make the journey to Dark Lord Day. It is worth it.


P.S. Pace yourself at the festival, as there are always people too drunk too early and towards the end you can get all the barrel aged variants on tap with no lines.

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