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Times Like These = Lazy Bowl Of Chubbiness

Although Summer has just officially begun (June 21), I feel like we are on the downward slide. Slipping into shorter days with delusions of colder weather on the horizon, it will in fact get warmer yet! I am not sure why I am at the psychological impasse concerning the changing weather, but I think it is due to the fact my wife is working a lot. Code Man and I are busy everyday working on the house/yard and we spend Friday through Monday on the farm tending the crops and working 2 local farmers markets. I also am recovering from an ankle injury which has kept me off of the trails.

This has all led to the realization that I am also getting fat. Well maybe I was before but now being less “fun” active I am realizing that I have slipped into a pasty white bowl of lardy chubbiness. I do still have a killer farmers tan and yes it is from farming and unfortunately not from riding. And my beer fridge currently has 10+ gallons of cold beer in it. Usually the beer would not last so long but it is difficult to find the time, yes you heard me I am having difficulty finding the time to drink cold beers!! I should explain, I am not drinking beers at the end of the day because I have a 2yo and have been flying solo with him most evenings due to my wife’s recent work schedule. I know a few beers wouldn’t hurt but in all reality I need to be here for my son should he need me which ultimately equals me being SOBER, and we all know the slippery slope that one beer can lead to many.

Back to the beginning, I feel summer is waning because it seems like I am far from the free floating who knows who cares general feeling of the summer months. Instead I am busy with child rearing, tending a farm and keeping up the house work. But now since you have allowed me to suck you deep into this depressing scene I implore you to take full advantage of your summer, get outside plan to play, if necessary call in sick if you work, go for a hike and get crazy enjoy those small yet balancing things such as a cold beer at the end of a long day. Appreciate it and absorb it all for all to soon we will be embraced by the cold dry winds and winter will be upon us all!

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