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Tiny Umbrella Party IPA

SIZE: 32 oz Crowler
ABV: 6.3%

 Drink local! Drink Cerberus! I have found myself ensuring my bike ride ends with this new brewery on my route. It has become the first place I suggest when someone suggests going somewhere for a beer. It has become the motivation for me to finally support the slogan “drink local”. Now I can drink what I want and drink local and that makes me a happy beer drinker. The new beer from Cerberus is definitely hopped focused and I’m okay with that. There is nothing like tasting an IPA that was tapped that day. There are a few great choices but my favorite has become Tiny Umbrella Party IPA.

Tiny Umbrella pours a little hazy with a copper color. The tropical and citrus aroma description is right on. I get citrus flavors and a little mango undertone. The flavor is really great to me. It starts off super smooth and then has an earthy, almost grassy, hop flavor and ends smooth but slightly bitter (which I understand is a contradiction). The finish of the beer kind of reminds me of an English bitter. It is smooth but leaves no doubt in your mind that you are drinking an IPA with refreshing bitterness. Overall it is my favorite beer that Cerberus has made so far and I’ve tried all of them. If you are a local to Colorado Springs, I’d like to encourage you to drink local!

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